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weSpeak: Heterosexual Black men
Preventing HIV. Promoting Health.

weSpeak is a 5-year program of research and related activities with African, Caribbean and Black (ACB) heterosexual men in Ontario to:
1. Enhance their appreciation of the conditions that help HIV to spread
2. Strengthen their commitment to HIV prevention
3. Strengthen community networks to end HIV and promote health among Black communities.

A team of researchers, service providers, policy makers and community members in London, Ottawa, Toronto and Windsor will develop and implement the program in their respective cities.

The team will mobilize ACB heterosexual men to reduce their vulnerability to HIV, promote resilience to HIV, and promote meaningful involvement in community responses to HIV.​​

3 phases from 2016-2021 

​Phase 1 
– Focus groups and in-depth interviews

We will engage ACB men to explore their ideas and experiences being straight ACB men, the social and structural determinants of HIV vulnerabilities and resilience.

We will also engage community stakeholders to explore their ideas on what shapes straight ACB men’s HIV vulnerabilities and resilience.

Phase 2 – A survey

We will use surveys to engage straight ACB men to learn about their values towards gender roles, their everyday experiences of discrimination, individual and collective resilience, and condom use practices.

Phase 3 – Concept-mapping

We will engage ACB men and community stakeholders through concept mapping (a collaborative activity) to apply the research results of Phases 1 and 2 to develop a best practices model on effective HIV responses among ACB men and communities. Data collection phases will be followed by knowledge translation and exchange activities that engage ACB men and communities to advance programs, services and policies.

This project is funded by: The Ontario HIV Treatment Network and Canadian Institutes of Health Research